on the road again

left PV yesterday afternoon for the 500 mile trek to acapulco.Found a little spot Bahia Navidad this morning and stopped for a little beach and snorkel time.Preparing to pull anchor and continue through the night to our next beach stop Zihuatanejo.

Puerto Vallarta

Posted by Harry via email:
After previous attempts where we turned back due to treacherous sea conditions we finally made the 355 mile trip across open ocean….And we caught a Marlin at dawn yesterday. Arrive last nite and tied up to a slip in a Marina where for the first time in 2 weeks we can walk off the boat onto land.Hanging out here for a few days of R&R and repairs and then start fishing our way 500 miles down the coast to Acapulco.

Editors note: The internet connection on the boat has been intermittent since they left Cabo, so posts, emails, etc. may be delayed. -Gabe.

Puerto Vallarta

tropics found….Cool old town …Spent our R&R day exploring and soaking in the Latino culture….Hanging out till Wed.

Pics from Cabo

Harry and Inta sent me some digital pics from their cell phone.

cabo wabo

had to turn back…Gale force too much…Look’s like Inta’s getting her turkey

Happy Thanksgiving

We wish all our family and friends a happy holiday.We will be spending the day cruising the Sea of Cortez fishing our way towards the mainland and South.Harry is a grumpy guy. we must eat fish instead of turkey at lat.22.   hurahhhumph!

wasting away again in margaritaville

I got to blow this berg.I’m actually starting to like Tequila.Caught a Marlin yesterday…Does anybody know which way is Panama?

another crisis

Inta’s almost out of australian style dark tanning glitter gel

955 miles later

Dropped anchor at Cabo in front of Don and Tami’s favorite beach bar at 4:20 A.M Saturday.

Spending all day at the health club

Shipped anchor at our remote site and fishing towards Cabo. Heading to a seamount off Isla Santa Margarita 40 miles known for it’s Wahoo bite….