magdelena bay

Great day fishing…So many big Mahi we had to run away from them to save our bait.Nice double on Striped Marlin this afternoon.5 for the day.Inta say’s who needs a health club.

first Marlin

Inta just released our first marlin..Mag bay

Are we there yet 2

Been lost for two days with no fuel or generators,consequently no power computer.Finally back on line and going fishing tomorrow.Will advise

In Mag Bay!

mag-bay.jpg[Editor’s note – Thumper has arrived in Mag bay with only a little fuel left, so they’re taking a trip inland a bit to find a Pemex station!]

Day 2: Leaving Ensenada

off to mag bay!!!!

off to Cabo

keep you posted……

Hello world!

This is a brand new website. Harry and Inta will be with you shortly…