Happy New Years

We’ll be satisfied with 95 Billfish releases for this leg of our Journey…Had 2 blue marlin shots today and the Marlin won…Tonight we party on Valkyrie Bill Gates Yacht that’s docked next to us with Inta’s new best friends.Having a ball…Hope you are….Hanging to fish for a few days and then on to Panama

banana bay

This is the reel deal.Party and fish….Tomorrow will be our first day offshore.Hooked up with local mate compliments of our fishing buddy Doctor Joe(swamp fox).We have 94 billfish so far and are going for 100 by year end.Inta ‘s new best friends Brad and Angelina are here for New Years,staying in a tree house on a jungle cliff overlooking the Pacific.They left the kids in Botswana.

Golfito bound

Last time I was in a cloud forest was Laos 1968.However,unlike the locals here,the Meo were not cultivating coffee.Last night at Arenal Lodge was our first evening together off the boat since we left San Diego.I found the sound of Macaws much more soothing than AK47’s.

hot lava

Leaving early AM for the Monteverde cloud forest preserve and the evening firework display at Arenal volcano.Will leave Friday night for the run to Golfito and hang for New Years.We got spoiled in Guatemala and are pushing to Hannibal Bank and the Black Marlin Grounds of Panama.

Los Suenos

After a very scary nite off Nicaraga we have completed the 355 mile,38 hour run to Costa Rica.Have not seen a place like this since Acapulco.Real food,,,,real mudslides (a health food cocktail ) and Philly Cheesesteaks…Going to R&R for a few days and visit the Volcano’s and cloud forests.Might even fish…..

costa rica

Our stop today in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua was foiled by rough sea conditions.We are pushing thru to Costa Rica.

feliz navidad

We are anchored in Golfo de Fonseca where the borders of El Salvador,Honduras and Nicaragua meet.A smoking volcano Isla el Tigre is one of 4 main Islands at this remote Pacific local.Peace and love to all…Harry,Inta and Capt.Tommy

tomorrow el salvador

Guatemala numbers…..225 yards of 80lbs.leader…..Over 100 #8 circle hooks….16 dozen ballyhoo…..6 triples…..11 doubles….79 billfish releases in 3 days plus assorted yellowfin and Mahi. Four boats including Thumper on the grounds today.Inta had 9 releases and a lot of smiles today.Except when I did’t say yes dear fast enough and mean it.

no fish story

I wouldn’t believe it myself.I will say Inta and I had 3 more triples today.Missed a blue one that smashed a softhead teaser.Had a Mackerel Bait rigged but he was gone.Going inland tomorrow and playing Tourista..Fishing Friday and Sat. start fishing our way 535 miles to Costa Rica

the bite is on

Another 60 bite day and 30 releases…The locals say we should come here in March when it’s good..Fishing again tomorrow and then a day off to explore inland.Inta and I had 3 triples and 2 doubles fishing a 2 teaser 3 bait spread.Guatemala is the reel deal.Isla team,It’s Iztapa in 08…I’m making the reservations now !!!!!