Bahia Pina

conditions excellent today.As yesterday we are fishing live bonito on #20 circles with the 80 standups.Why Knot from Florida only other sportfisher here.

Thumper’s hunting

Zane grey reef produced a monster black marlin for Chris Davis today.Tropic Star is an gem in the deep jungle of Darian on the Columbian border.But no matter how remote,Inta has managed to shop till she changed the balance of payments in the local Chocuquano and Quarentano Indian economies.

someone’s got to do it

Leaving Saturday for another shot at Tropic Star.Thumper is shipshape and the Black Marlin are there.Actually enjoyed my time in the North Country but time to get back to fishing.

on the road again

Arriving Panama City tonight.

christmas eve in a safe port

with a live volcano!


!saved by the e.salvador navy

top secret. international wench in distress.
hi Jose