thumper….big gun offshore

were home.Thumper being hauled and painted etc. today.Billfish needed some much deserved R&R.

couldn’t close the deal……today

3 of 8 boats out today slamed.Had our shot but the blue ate the 30 (naturally)¬†and the blue won.Ended up with sail and 2 whites and many big gaffers.nine miles off the Island.Tomorrow……….

first day….first white

Nice mixed bag with sails,whites,blackfins and gaffers.

slam time

Fishing next 10 days.The whites have shown up in numbers and the blues are being seen every day outside the 200 fathom line 12 miles out.Tournement next weekend and the south florida boats are coming in everyday.

dry land

875 non stop.Isla made 6 am…Marina Puerto Isla Mujeres

live the life

early last night before moonrise,225 miles at sea,the stars and planets were a brilliant show against the black of space 

marlin are here

blue strike at won.good fish

threading the needle

They saved the worst for last.Worked thru the Cayos Cajones (Honduras) the last reef system and have entered the open waters of the Bay of Honduras.350 miles to Cozemel.Inta has provided king mackeral kabobs for lunch

beam us up scotty

400 to go.stretching our fuel.passed the night 90 miles off Cayos Miskitos,Nicaragua.just cruised into Honduran waters.Seas moderate,weather outlook good next 2 days.Wahoo on the grill for dinner and wahoo and eggs for breakfast this morning.

jesus said,go fishing luke 4:5

Left Columbia this morning.My crew deserted us for 2 days.I guess you got to love a place where the women cost less than lunch.