traveling on

Arrived Montauk today.Leaving Sunday for Atlantic City and then back to OC Thurs….Wahoo tournament next weekend.Marty Hyatt coming up from N.C. to mate. Marlin bite is outside the 500 fathom line on the cold side of the eddy but is not hot.Next 5/6 weeks prime time.

let’s fish

Fishing solid next 6 weeks.Overnites deep canyons.Get in touch and get on board.

Hatchet Marlin ?

The Hatteras boys came up and took our money again.Are they lucky or what ?????Thumper in top condition and we’ll keep to it.Stop by B-21 at Sunset and say hello to our Capt Barry Hitch….He’s the man.


Fishing hard.Monday typical WMO conditions,6 to 10’s out in the deep,barely fishable.Tues. seas friendly,fishing very slow,300 boats only managed 1 legal white.Layed today,offshore treacherous.Rest of week very iffy,possible we will not get another day.Yellowfin to 70 lbs. have kept us in condition and sushi.