send reinforcements

4 marlin shots today.Caught 1 by Hoyle.3 for upteen on sails,they made us look bad.55″dorado in the box.Biggest I ever saw.Photo’s coming.Haven’t seen another boat in 2 days.Golfito rocks…….

dream bite

Marlin…right rigger,right long…….hooked up….big fish,Black…he’s off…hooked up,left short,,,,,clear clear,clear……he’s smokin it…..back down….faster,faster…He’s spoolin me..faster….   3 for 6 today.Thumper’s in the game                   

goffito offshore

Lost a nice marlin today to AE>FH indicated.Bruiser Mahi crashing marlin baits.Sailfish bite developing along a color change 17 miles off Mantapalo Beach.

sign of life

Someone kissed me everywhere and she turned into a princess named Inta.I was not a frog,I was a prince.Burica on the Panamanian border has gone off huge the last few days.the 2 or 3 boats that have been working the area with Thumper are getting double digit shots at Marlin and Sails.We lost Inta’s marlin yesterday 50′ off the transom.May God have mercy on me and the crew.