Thumper top boat sunday with 9 releases wins daily finishes 3rd overall.Locals tough competition but we gave them a run.Inta and I are leaving tomorrow for fishing excursion to Nicaragua and El Salvador.

IGFA Qualifier

Tournament starts tomorrow.Keep track of the leaderboard by clicking on Banana Bay Marina in interesting sites on sidebar.Charlie and Kosta are out chasing Roosters and Snook today.

spring break

Home for Easter with Mom.Golfito Billfish Tourny March 30,31. Inta,Charlie S. and Kostas will be formitable contenders.Returning Golfito Tuesday for scouting.

Golfito offshore report

Monday,Thumper had her first Costa Rican triple with Inta,her friend Capt.Sue Scheer,and Chris Davis scoring.We had 24 releases in 4 days,40+ shots,many +150lbs. class fish.Had 3 Marlin shots including a big one Tues.,Marlin won.No we are not getting a chair.Inta took her 200 kilo Marlin saturday in 35 minutes on standup.Work out,don’t wimp out.

war zone

Bite is awesome.Black and Blue shots every day with 20/30 sails in the spread.Capt.Bob Sullivan reports losing biggest black he has seen in 3 years yesterday when it ate a blue and white Islander on 30.