Home in lancaster County

Work keeps getting in the way.Striper next Thurs. with Chris Rosendale.Spring Gobbler in 2 weeks with Don Nolt.California mid May to see lil Henry.

dry land

1200 miles,18 sails and a blue.Just heard from Paradise Fishing Lodge in El Salvador that Gorge is recovering from the billfish stab in his neck.Close call.We got out of Nicaragua in one piece.Always carry an extra case of cold beer.Thumper is secure and sound at home port,Golfito.Returning in July for Marlin bite at Buricca.

Back online

The site was down for a good portion of the day on Friday and things are still a bit funky, but rest assured we’ll get the fishing news flowing normally again.


we are in San Juan Del Sur,Nicaraga having made port after another stormy night and an electrical fire to add to the excitement.Awesome fishing in El Salvador with many billfish and the best locale on the Pacific @ paradise fishing lodge.Great people,tropical location,all the action of the Guatemala grounds without the hassles.Twenty minutes to the international airport.Will attempt the Papagalos passage @ 5AM….50 mph winds last night.

life is good

We have our first grandchild!We are so happy.Baby Henry was born yesterday.Everything cool.We will catch a marlin(or 2 or….)tomorrow and watch it swim free in celebration.

the sea is a cruel mistress

Lightning strike 4 nites ago.I don’t recommend it.Next day while cruising toward Nicaragua caught a blue and 5 sails.Next day caught our first Pacific wahoo and a nice yellowfin so we are eating well and laid up at marinapuestadelsol.com finishing repairs. Leaving Thursday for paradisefishinglodge.net in El Salvador.Henry and Niki are due the 11th.I think we’ll go fishing.