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OK, I bad……Since leaving Morgan Stanley earlier this year (after 30 years) with my team to start our new business at Royal Bank of Canada,I have been consumed with work.Wall Street banks have leveraged up and are headed for a train wreck.It was painfull but I needed a different platform for myself and my clients to work from.Thumper is in Golfito anxiously awaiting our return.Since this site is about offshore adventure and my nose has been in a computer instead of my engine room my news is too boring to report.However our fortunate retired fishing friends are on the hunt so I will pass on their reports.Golfito got hot early this month with the Marlin showin’ everyday.JW and Pat Bones had their new boat (TEXAS MOJO)delivered and are having excellent success 10 to 17 miles off Montapalo on the big Pacific sails and Blues.Capt Tom on SHAMROCK is working the Panama border waters at the Burica seamount (512 foot rise )near the 1000 fathom line and raising a handfull of Blacks and Blues every day.(that’s were Inta took her big blue last year)Our goal now is to fish the Banana Bay IGFA last weekend in March.If you are catching them up at your location,forward your reports and we’ll keep this going till Inta and I return to the hunt.