coon swamp

warning….warning….limit exposure to 72 hours or you run the risk of going feral.Symptoms include talking funny,excessive desire to kill shit and eat it,and man cave envy.Text to Admin. Ass’t…….Hold all business related messages till 12:30 for the next 45 days.Other symptoms are abnormaly low blood pressure except when talking to thunder chickens or you find yourself standing in the middle of the deep woods at first light pretending to be an owl. And squirrel is called Brunswick stew.Many thanks to Tommy,Bobby,Mitch and cousin Jimmy for the warm southern hospitality.See you next on the billfish grounds.Donny and Harry

The Man Cave!!

The Man Cave!!


bobby with harry's turkey that he shot

bobby with harry's turkey that he shot

ceviche por favor

Dan’s contribution to the food locker.Golfito March 26.Fillet and release.Thumper is in ElSal for the rest of April and then on to Guatemala…..who’s fishing?

Maya’s pregnant

Home, ain’t it special

Spring has sprung at Slackwater.View from the deck…..
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Henry’s 2

Today is the birthday party in Ocean Beach. Inta will be there but bad grandad is in Brunswick County Va. Spring Gobbler hunting with your uncle Donny and my redneck cousin Jimmy. There is something about the smell of Cordite and blood in the morning.delete that….There is something about the smell of Moonshine and Mekong…delete that. Happy Birthday Henry…..Soon you’ll be old enough we can go hunting together ….nah…Niki’s never buying that shit.delete all…..Soon you’ll be old enough we can go fishing…..Maybe even bring your Mom and Dad and Grandmommy Inti (did she tell you how she catches all the fish?) along.That will fly……Preview

scene of the crime/billfish revenge

Thumper is leaving Golfito for a 470 mile trip to El Salvador to visit our friends John and Louise Carey at Paradise fishing lodge.Last trip in April 08,first day offshore,it’s 10:30 AM and Inta has her 8th billfish to the leader. Jorge, our local pro mate has the wire and as he leans over with the release cutter the green fish surges and stabs him in the neck. We were only 12 miles off and we beat feet and got him to medical assistance in time.Visit

costa rican classic international billfish tournament

The 30 lbs. line class limit made this event a true challenge.Thumper raised 9 sails and 4 marlin.A 3rd place at the end of day one put us well in the hunt.Day two we fell apart.3 Marlin in the teasers and could not stick a hook.Bobby McGinness on Casadora out of Golfito ruled day 2 and the tournament with 2 blues and 4 sails.This event sponsored by the Boomer Esiason CF foundation held at Fishhook marina in Golfito was for the benefit of the CF kids in CR.Boats from Suenos and Quepos joined us for a great charity, outrageous billfishing and huge NFL guys.Google costaricanclassic and join us next year and get some autographed jerseys for your favorite charity auction.

150+ lbs class pacific sail

It’s not a myth you Atlantic unbelievers…check out the shot of this monster…….Caught on 30 lbs.standup on Thumper and released March 25 by Costas Giourtis at Punta Burica,CR.