perfect storm

Tropical cyclone Agatha is churning 100 miles offshore ElSal/ Guatemala for the 4th day.Huge surf and flooding has turned the lodge into an Island.Navy has closed the inlet.Pacaya volcano has been erupting 80 miles from here.Airport is closed…Rain from storm is turning the ash to cement.Inta and I are having a great time with John and Louise Carey from Lewis,Del..We’re taking it out on the snook.

the Latvian sisters

Inta’s sister Selga’s daughter graduated with honors last weekend in San Diego.Next on to Amsterdam for her Masters…..we had big family fun.Inta and I are now in ElSal.It’s a little wierd looking from the dock and seeing 5 volcano’s around you. Getting Thumper ready for a run this weekend to Guatemala…..Look out fish….here we come