Slackwater Morning

Tree, Arrow, Blood, Deer, Backyard.

paradise fishing lodge El Sal

Thumper arrived today at John and Louise Carey’s classic palm fringed mesoamerican fishing lodge in El Salvador.Our 3rd visit and expectations are high.The local guides are on it and resident First Mate Beto has the pit…Of course the bite is wild but this is also THE SPOT for economical and first class total yacht maintenance and retrofit from Mexico to Panama.Thumpers got a new bait freezer,bait well and tuna tube high volume water pump and new Isenglass and canvas.A new outboard for the panga will extend our fishing options inshore and at Banko Hannibal.Fishing the Guatemalan Presidential Cup(IGFA qualifier) 3rd week Nov..Then home to GOLFITO and FISHHOOK MARINA for the season.