Lust in Pacific Mesoamerica ???

Last winter Daughter Maya had a group of Ducks from Eugene down to Golfito for a week at sea. On day 2 they were cruising off Isla del CaƱos on a heading to the beach @Drake Bay to pick up their friend Johnny. As he was flying in at about 5000 feet he randomly took this shot…..Hey, she just had a baby…… A week at sea……….WTF??? Click here to see their side of the story. ThumperJeremy's SailGolfito Ride 13 Gabe and Maya

Cowboy Up… Banko Hannibal is coming

Bucky get’s a ride in the 4 wheeler…. Jimmy Todd strikes again with a sweet 9 point Potter County Pa. forest deer.But will he be ready to battle His Majesty on Hannibal Bank in March? Big Black strikes back……Dave Nolt..Costas and Dr.Charles will also be joining that weeklong slugfest.Meanwhile my funny talking, redneck cousins from Lawrenceville,Va. are coming down Jan.14 for a “BANKO” trip.I’ll bust their nut on a deep drop……google… Banko Hannibal Panama
Inti, Jimmy n Bucky

new grandbaby

last night daughter Maya and husband Gabe had a healthy baby boy, Nikolas T.(I hope T isn’t for Twig) in Eugene,Oregon.
Life is good…..
Maya, Gabe and Niko