goin’ to the Banko

leaving first light Weds.Feb2 for round two.So far this season our score is 54 sails,1 striped,9 blues,3 blacks released with 1 blue muerte in 9 offshore days billfishing.We’ve had some huge fish beat us but experience is lenghtening our odds of future success.We are sticking with the 50 and 80 standup rigs for the Marlin and will try to be more agressive with the boat tactics.The local sailfish bite 12 miles off Matapalo(31 miles from Golfito) is developing finally with double digit shots the norm(a month late for some reason only the fish understand).First light Thurs.we will be working the Panama location we found last trip except with hardhats and kevlar vests mandatory.Will spend 1 night trying to unravel the swordfish bite.We are all set up to do some serious deep drop fishing this trip and have some new numbers to work.Still have 2 March and 1 April trip scheduled and depending on results will determine how we set up next season.Google banko hannibal,panama for more info on area.


It’s Sun.nite Jan16…We have just finished our 2nd day on the grounds…My team consists of my redneck cousins Mitch,Bobby,Tom and Steve from Lawrenceville Va.along with mate Beto and Capt.Sean Schumacher..We’ve been searching the 30 square mile area 80 miles offshore for the bite.We’ve seen only 1 other sportsfisherman in the area and he made 1 pass,pullled it and fired off to Suenos where he said the bite was on.(he was wrong)..So far we have 2 Blue Marlin,one a 500lbs.monster(caught at the Burica Seamount CR on the way over).Raised a few more .We also have 3 sails,2 nice Mahi and a pair of 60″x40″ (Capt.Tim whats the weight formula?)yellowfins to the boat.To be honest I’m disappointed with the action thusfar.Late today while pioneering a new location along a steep 300′ to 3000′ drop to the east of the bank we raised some nice Marlin(shoppers) and picked off the yellowfins.We only had 90 minutes of light and our plan is to pound the spot first light tomorrow.We have video and pictures,will download later.Weather perfect,sea conditions slight swell,water blue 86 degrees.beer cold,ceveche mahi,tuna sushimi….company awesome


It’s 3PM Monday Jan17 one day before the full moon.We are 6 for 12 so far today working the location we found late yesterday with 2 blacks and 4 blues to 400lbs.released….#13 eats the magnum black and purple softhead off the right short rigger and is greyhounding for Australia on a standup 80 with 24 lbs. of drag screaming.We clear and I’m hooking up Tommy to his harness when out of the corner of my eye I see a wall of white water crashing towards the transom.I hit the deck taking Beto and Tom with me as the impact shutters Thumper.From my knees I see Mitch still standing on the other side of the pit stunned.Capt.Sean from Boca was on the wheel up top and said the bill stopped a foot from Mitch’s chest.I look over the transom and the Marlin is 10 feet off stone dead on the surface.His lower jaw is shattered from the impact as his bill was over the transom and the force hurled his body into the corner of the cockpit and crushed his heart.Everyone was silent,shocked and as a man hit the beer cooler.

Broken Arrow

Got a sat phone message from Harry today from somewhere offshore Panama: “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Being overrun by 600 lb. class Blacks and Blues. Airdrop bent butt 130s ASAP. Will hold out to the last man or spool of 80 lb. If we don’t make it, tell my family I’m in my happy place.”

Will post if we hear from him again.

–Site Administrator (a.k.a., Gabe)

Golfito fishing report

Anchovie run up the coast from South America in full swing.Thousands of birds over acres of bait 20/30 miles off…Many yellowfin to 100lbs.,and good sail,striped and blue Marlin daily.Leaving Friday morning for Panama and Banko Hannibal to find some Black ones…..Inta running low on Australian deep tanning glitter butter

New Year in Eugene

The Family at New Year's Brunch!
Family fun…now it’s time to go fishing…..arriving Golfito thursday….Special happy birthday to our dear friend Tami…..