Extreme Full Moon

Putted out of Golfito Sat.night (March 19) with no Panama Zarpe and one goal in mind. That goal is to hit the Burica Seamount 47 miles out at dawn and look for some love. If it’s not there, we’re a long way from nowhere. The structure is a prehistoric dead(I hope) volcano raising to 540′ from a surrounding 500 to 700 fathom bottom. The structure lies 4 miles west of Panama’s Isla Burica. Eyes strain at first light blindly wishing the water is blue, the current is running, and yellowfin’s are showing(about a 40% shot). I’ve taken some of our biggest Marlin at this locale on the moon including Inta’s 400 lbs. class blue on standup with Marlin legend Capt. Tom Lynskey on the wire and cousin Tommy’s huge Blue this January. As we move in it’s immediate apparent life is present. A huge tree loaded with bait is miraculously drifting right off the volcano and we deploy the live bait rigs and score an immediate double on yellowfin. The prerigged 20/0 circle bridles accept the tuna and we set up a 4 knot live bait power drift. After about 20 minutes…..CRASH….We found the Love…….

79 mile bank

First pioneered with me by old friends Skip C. and Robert C. from our deep mid Atlantic Canyon days out of Sunset Marina in O.C.MD… On that first trip to the mark on the chart (half the time you find nothing but 1000 fathom emptiness) we found a 2 mile circular rise about 2000 feet with a teardropped shaped 1200 foot 500 yard bump. We raised some Marlin and Sails with lots of bait present and the potential was apparent but we only had 1 overnite to map. This trip we came locked and loaded for a 3 day full out attack. My team consisted of my seasoned crew plus practiced anglers Charlie S., Kostas G. and Toddy. We arrived at 4 AM and anxiousy await first light to see if the effort is a boon or bust. And then slowly….oh yea….it’s the bomb. We set out our trusted Marlin lure spread(including the infamous Mr.Pinky down the center) working at 7/8 knots with dropbacks both rigged and live ready to deploy. Over the next 3 days we hooked 10 Marlin(released 5) and raised 55 Sails. Charlie had a Black release on 30 lbs. standup after an epic battle that ended after sundown and all (including me and Beto) fought and released 100lb. plus Sails on Spinning Rigs with Power Pro braid. Never saw another boat. As Toddy would say, “Now that’s what I’m talking about”.

Black and Blue

11AM Wednesday March 23…We’re hot on the billfish…Toddy has just 5 minutes before released a sail…..Jimmy Cliff is wailing Many Rivers to Cross when a Blue crashes the left short with Kostas hooked up. Almost simultaneously Mr.Pinky on the 50 lbs. Penn standup gets annihilated by a Black and, “Houston, we have a problem”. Dr.Charles rigs up and Marlin are tailwalking and reels are smokin’. After thirty minutes of impeccable team work amid the chaos Thumper has her first double Marlin release.

Offshore Super Grand Slam

Press Release : Golfito, Costa Rica……Thumper with Capt. Harry Glah, mates Beto and Ronny and anglers Dr.Charles Shuffelbottom, Kostas Giourtis and James Todd pulled into Fishhook Marina March 24th after an historic day. During the previous 24 hour period the Thumper team had joined an extremely rare IGFA club releasing 4 billfish species including Black, Blue and Striped Marlin and Pacific Sailfish. Angler James Todd had an individual Grand Slam with a Black, Striped Marlin and a Sail. Thumper and it’s 20 Marlin releases leads the Golfito fleet thus far this season.

Offshore Playa Carrillo/the wild grounds

Heading to new grounds for the next few weeks,200 miles west of Golfito….Last weekend in March is the Costa Rican Presidental Open an IGFA qualifier at this locale….Superb Striped,Blue and Black Marlin at this remote Pacific spot 70 miles south of Nicaragua,offshore of CR mainland ….Best chance of Super Grand Slam……No marina or provisional support.Dangerous Papagayo weather phenomenom to be expected.Questionable anchorage.Perfect conditions for our selfcontained Mikelson 60 Sportfish and crack crew……..Bring it …….