Next Generation

I’m ready for next season Granddad.


Winter Season 2011 Golfito CR

19 billfishing days…..71 Pacific Sails,2 Striped Marlin,13 Blues and 7 Blacks released….. Sincere thanks to the eclectic group of hardcore sportsmen that made the journey…. The discovery of new Marlin grounds was key and I have new numbers for a Black Marlin Bank south of Isla Montuosa in Panama I can’t wait to hit. Agura reef off Isla Cebaco is still Virgin. The shear volume of Marlin raised(over 100) allowed for experimentation of new techniques such as spinning rigs spooled with Braid and fly rods for drop-backs, extreme light tackle stand up attempts on conventional, and maximum angler participation.(no pressure to catch that one, there’s another coming)Best day was 15 realistic shots.Additionally I have a productive book of deep drop,yellowfin, night fishing and we WILL get on the Swordfish, spots.And a special place in the heart for the abundant, aggressive Pacific Sails that keep Beto rocking. Will only be doing 4 day(local CR/Burica/79 mile bank) and 6/7 day trips to Hannibal Bank, Panama. Fuel costs are making this the only reasonable option.In and out day trips was another life.Besides why spend 6/8 hours on the grounds when you can fish 24…DUH>>>> Next up, time to chase Thunder Chickens and spring Stripers at home. Fishing the June 22/23/24 Costa Rican Presidential Billfish (IGFA qualifier) with Chris Davis and JW Bones. Pura Vida….

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