Dawn broke gray and ominous with a steady rain and the heavy clouds seemingly touching the sea. We set out our hard Marlin lure spread and go to work @ 8 knots into a moderate,building swell. It’s june 23rd(Marlin legend Capt Tom Lynskey(Golfito/Miami) always told me June was the secret Marlin bite) and we are in day 3 exploring unnamed seamounts far offshore the Pacific CR/Panama border.Structure exists offshore here for 300 miles to Cocos Island CR as a result of the Cocos Plate sliding north and subducting. Today, we’re working about 80 miles SW of Hannibal Bank… It’s a grey area whose territorial waters we’re actually in but hey, we’re gringo tourists, no habla..Carrying a Golfito CR Zarpe..Haven’t seen another boat for 2 days..My team consists of Capt. Ronny Calvo, a no fear waterman and friend from Playa Zancudo. Beto Vargas of Pavones, a powerful experienced wireman, fisherman, pro surfer and Thumper’s full time mate. Plus seasoned offshore big fish angler Chris Davis and… it ain’t my first rodeo…..Thumper’s buff and solid into an increasingly confused sea.Bring it…
At 6:25 we have a hook up, good fish, blue one, drag screaming, he spit’s the 12/0 Mustad Super Marlin on an awesome full body jump. 6:28 another hookup, same result… but now they have our attention….. The rain is unrelenting(2 months into the tropical rainy season)and at times greyhounding Marlin would disappear into the haze. Wind dervishes (waterspouts, like around Folly Light, Miami) are spinning and dancing around adding to the vibe… By 9:30 we are 9 for 15 with a stretch of 8 straight releases including 3 consecutive doubles. We’re working now with no teasers and no shotgun,just long and short riggers. All 200/300lb class Blue ones at this point.I perceive we have stumbled on a breeding site where the males are staging waiting for the girls to show.Now I wish we could have stayed a few more days.Next year..YOU IN?… We are testing the Fish Gods by WEARING our stand up gear(bad luck…NOT…). Total for the trip, 22 releases, 18 blues, 4 blacks. SWEET!

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