2011 ocean city MD. tuna tournament

Congrats to the crew of Crush em’.The privateer CRUSHED the money boats in the World’s richest tuna tournament with a record 259lb. Bigeye.Our 2003 record 220lb. Bigeye that took that tournament had held up over the years through 1000’s of tournament boat days.When meticulous preparation meets luck mojo can happen.GO STRONG OR GO HOME.Coming up the WMO.

Swordfish Expedition

Looking for a couple of hardcore offshore anglers interested in doing a 4 day/3 night exploratory trip….I’ve met a retired So.Cal. professional sword capt. who is living in Playa Zancudo,CR….I believe he has the keys to the kingdom….He’ll join the crew along with Beto and Ronny working the pit…Also John Carey (Carey Diesel Del.) has had success in El Sal and has shared some secrets. We have all the gear….We have 3 Seamount locations to target…..2 in CR,…1 in Panama.. We’ll fish Blacks, Blues, Sails and giant yellowfins moving from spot to spot…………….first or second week Sept…..