Golfito CR Fishing Report 9/12/2011

Low season at Fishhook Marina, fortunately somebody forgot to tell the Thumper Team. They also forgot to tell the….

Our 3 day,3 night extreme offshore trip turned into 2 days as we were running out of ice AND HAD NO MORE FREEZER OR COOLER SPACE!!!!
Ripped up the Yellowfin to 60 kilo’s day 1 while heading for the deep. Got greedy day 2 on a triple Marlin hookup.Tried to catch them all and got squat. Lost a hooked up Penn 30W rig overboard in that battle(don’t ask)….
Other collateral damage during the trip included the auto pilot brain taking a dump, broke a Shimano 80, a head pump failure, and our squid daisy chain teaser with it’s big blue and white Ilander Express(some rigs translate in any ocean) getting ripped off by a passing Marlin as we were clearing to fight another. 8 Blues and 1 sail released day 2……..

Inshore had our way with the roosters…

Fought¬†8 caught 5. Gabe and Jeremy out of Eugene each had triple Blue Marlin releases day 2. Strong work for Ducks…..This marks the end of the 2011 season for Thumper……

Released 72 sails, 2 stripes, 39 blues and 11 blacks over 23 offshore days. Next up the WBS(World Billfish Series) Guatemala, the traditional start of the Pacific Central American winter billfish season. Team mates are Capt Tim Hake of O.C.MD. and 20LBS. World Champ Texan JW Bones.
Top Marlin angler 2011, Chris Davis with 12 releases.

Casa Celeste

Here’s the house in Playa Zancudo:

belly up

Work on your fishing dates…I have guys(and girls) waiting for fill ins….Let me know ASAP.Specify Hannibal Bank Panama(6 day min.) or local Costa Rica offshore preference.We have billfish Fly rigs this year on Thumper compliments of IGFA World Champion Capt Abraham Conception of Golfito CR who on request will join the hunt .Beto and I are finishing out a new inshore(snook, rooster) boat.We’ve secured a private compound on the surfing beach at Zancudo .5 ¬†private beachfront 1 bedrooms with first class Banta style baths,airconditioning,frig.decks and keys(shared barbacue pit, pool,hammocks, and backyard palmfringed beach).See Photo’s….Swordfish.Hang awhile.Playa Zancudo CR is tropical mojo.Google SOL y MAR Zancudo CR(facebook) for local vibe.Pavones/Panama is 20 minutes down the beach.Hi speed sat. and wireless for the facebook afflicted.Public and private watertaxi service(20 minutes) from Golfito.Anyone whose gettin younger and thinks they don’t deserve it raise your hand