Inta is coming home

Dear family and friends….Inta and I have been on an incredible journey.For the last 12 days we have been fighting a life threatening,complex,medical issue that is worth an episode of Doctor House.Last tuesday we took a wild, last resort, ambulance trip from Golfito Hospital to a private clinic in David, Panama.Here,where there are more MD’s on staff than patients,a team of brave(if you know Inta),determined Doctors,worked around the clock to solve the mystery and save her life.Today,after numerous procedures,pathology studies,CT scans,ECHO,XRAY,24/7 IV antibiotics,lasic,etc,etc,we have a treatable Diagnosis.We have 1 rough surgery friday.

welcome Jeff and Glo and friends

First shot this season at the Burica Seamount goes to Jeff Banta and friend Tyler Foster of Florida.Costa Rica’s largest Marlin frequent this remote undersea volcano rising to 520feet off a 3000 ft.bottom on the Panamaian border.This location produced Inta’s record Blue in 07 and jan.16th this year gave up a 500 lbs. class blue for Cousin Tom of Lawrenceville,Va.Our first try in early Dec.we’ll also be drifting a night for swords.Looking for the perfect conditions,hard easterly blue current over the seamount,bait,tuna= MOJO….If not we’ll run out the 80 miles to our honey hole and see what it’s holding.Shit,we’re going to run out there regardless…Report and photo’s next

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WBS/Championship Round/Guatemala

I get a rousing welcome from my Guat. friends when I hit the dock at Pez Vela Marina…Cries of Hey, Loco Gringo Harry…San Cocho…Lobo San Cocho…AHA,AHA as Eddie Murphy would say in 48 Hours.Unfortunately,our scouting day solidified my reputation as my team hooked up everything in the spread and I went 1 for 3 (missed 1 twice)The Captain meeting was more of the same as I went over to the IGFA observer’s table and one of the guys from last year introduced me as “the 4th teaser”.AHA..AHA It’s a 3 teaser tournament.Tomorrow is 1st day,I better bring my “A” game.

Day 1

OK.I go 3 for 4 on hookups,release 2.Team total 7 releases.Billfishing very slow by Guatemalan standards.(top team today had 12 releases)IGFA observer threw up all day.Team Mojo is in the hunt.Texan Team mate Dale Schroder had a perfect hook up/release day.


Team picks up the pace with 10 releases.Don’t ask,just wasn’t my day.Tim Hake sucked up everything in the spread and went a perfect 6 for 6.

Day 3

Good start for me.Picked off first two but then the bottom fell out.Missed a few lousy fish and JW comes up with my new nickname “the billfish food bank”.AHA…AHA..The Texan (dale schroder)held his end up but Tim didn’t get the shots today.Still he did OC,MD. proud going 13 for 14 on hookups and 12 releases for the event.Dell Dembosky and Team OBX with 42 releases ended up winning on time.Charlie Tuna and his team fished the WMO on Doc Dell’s boat.Inta and I return to Golfito Weds….Love and Thanks to Pat and JW….