Selga vs. Rooster 12/18/11

Family fun on Thumper

Pelagic Week..Billfish/gamefish/inshore Jan.17/22

The Triple Crown comes to Golfito…Let’s get a team together…Fish 4 offshore/2 inshore days straight.Hardcores only……..Legends of Billfishing now ranks 6th of all Bill Fish sites on the web…keep the photo’s and video’s coming……..


This morning at first light my Henry and Maya, my sister Patty,Inta’s sister Selga with Ronny and Beto headed out to perform our last tribute to Inta….We ran to Zancudo on Thumper and stopped off her beach house and had a bamboo bowl which we had filled with our collected Inta “essense”.We lite the pire and with flowers ,,floated it off her beach.I thought I was cried out,but no,I was a mess.It was beautiful and we hung on to each other as in the tradition of the Viking funeral it burned and the ashes spewed out into the sea.We had a few hours so we headed to Beto’s favorite Rooster rock and Selga caught the biggest Rooster of the year….Inta had saved one big one for her sister.Our hearts heavy but happy we headed in to Golfito and took pictures of Inta’s resting spot from the water .slideshow Inta 2011….. video to soon come….

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Our Inti

Inta died at dawn this morning in my arms.Henry,Maya and her sister Selga arrived yesterday and we had a happy day.We will bury her today in the rainforest on the mountainside overlooking the Pacific at sunset.Thank you all for your heartfelt thoughts.

snicker monsters

Thumper and crew had a rare treat…Earlier this year Inta and I donated a fishing trip to a charity auction hosted by our dear friends Charlie and Lisa Pereira.The winning bid was by newlyweds James and Julie Cangialosi …They showed up last week with friends Sharon McEvoy and Anuj Gupta.Young,green, and eager they plunged into our jungle with a vigor that reminded me of my youth.They played hard and headed offshore and ripped it up with a Golfito grand slam….Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin and Mahi….They were fresh air and are welcome(and looked forward to)anytime on Thumper.

Update 1/1/12 : Added Video

Looking for Love in Golfito

Jeff Banta and friends lookin’ for love in Golfito…
By Capt. Ty Foster

November 30, 2011

Inta/update Dec6

Still struggling for full recovery from collapsed lung operation….Inta is better but not yet ready for discharge.Doc’s working hard to stabilize her breathing…Success is imminent…