Golfito,CR. Jan.2012 Billfishing report

Record breaking Marlin bite….Thumper, Kamila and Typhoon have concentrated on the deep seamounts… The Marlin run has been unprecedented… Fish from 250/350 lbs with some big ones mixed in on certain days were like an Atlantic bluefish blitz. Twenty/30 plus Marlin raised normal.Kamilia fished 3 days first light to dark deep at the Potato Bank and raised 86 Marlin.Thumpers record day was last June when we raised 37 .. In tight (11 to 20 miles off) big Pacific Sails are showing at a 20 shot a day rate..Keeps the “Mosquito(Zancudo) fleet working.. Yellowfin and Mahi have been scarce. Inshore, the Rooster bite in the Golfo Dulce is steady with many trophy fish.Golfito has been packed since December with 120 people producing a series of the “Survivor” TV shows.Weather has been awesome….Deep Sea “tranquillo”… Pescador/photographer Jeffery LeFevre put together this slide show of a 5 day expedition trip in January.We did 3 days offshore from the Burica seamount on the Panama border to the 81 mile bump offshore Golfito.Fished 2 days for Roosters in the Golfo.(4 trophy fish)

[portfolio_slideshow size=medium click=magnify]


Total’s for the 3 day trip….24 billfish released…1 Striped,2 Blacks,15 Blue Marlin……6 pacific sails (one over 150 lbs.)….no kills….Raised 35 Marlin per the log.Hooked 23…..Jan.9.Thumper scores her second IGFA Super Slam releasing 4 billfish species in 1 day.
Final 2 days fished inshore….Grande Roosters..cubera..A.J.’s…yummy snappers…..eating good…coming back to life…….


I’m standing the 4AM watch.1 nite after the full.81 miles at sea on a swordfish drift…5AM,the moon is setting as first light is coming…the sea is dead calm…a lone frigate bird drifts overhead…the moment of universal balance..awesome vibe….I’m feeling so privileged…so alive…Chris comes up to the bridge….He feels it too..I say “I must write about this”.He say’s “no,there are no words”.He’s right………6AM it’s game time..We fire it up and set the marlin rig…6:25 billfish in the spread……Game on !!!!
For day 1 fishing report see comment “harry”,previous post Hardcore/Offshore…..

hardcore/offshore I need it bad

At 3AM Saturday morning Thumper leaves Golfito for a 4/5 day deep ocean hunt.My team are anglers Chris Davis and Jeffrey LeFevre.Crew is Capt. Sean Schumacker of Boca,Thumper’s pescador/wireman Beto Vargas and waterman Ronny Calvo (el curvo).Our initial target will be the Burica Seamount on the Panama border.Our quarry will be His Majesty the Black Marlin which we will hunt down,catch and release to swim free.This one will have my mate Inta’s tag to roam the warm,blue pacific waters she fished and loved.

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Added a sweet video that was sent to me from my friends James and Julie of their recent trip down. Check it out.
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