Feb.8 Inta’s birthday July 28 INTAGEDDON

I now realize time is not going to heal me….Inta, I will love you and cry for the rest of my life.As you wanted ,I will search for a new mate,but that woman will have to be willing to share my heart with you. INTAGEDDON is coming July 28th/29 to Slackwater….This is a mandatory for all Inta’s friends and family….Party will be all day Saturday and Sat.nite…We are constructing an authentic Latvian village,landscaped,flagged,to sleep 80. After Brunch Sunday morning we will stage a Viking raid and burn it to the fuckin’ ground.Spread the word and let’s all get together for a fitting tribute…..good news girls,ravishing and bride taking will be acceptable as is customary in Latvian folklore.

Golfito in the news /Jan 2012

Pacific Mesoamerica is …the battleground….The Blackhawk equipped US Navy and/or US Coast guard are on station 24/7/365 and will immediately dispatch assistance to US Documented vessels on call.Thumper has been and will be boarded at sea.Impeccable paperwork, prepardness and training rules the day.Sober and competent crew and fishermen are essential to ensuring a safe and rewarding experience.The returns are great as the billfish bite is world class by any standard.But if the rules for safety at sea will diminish your adventure,take it somewhere else.Thumper will not tolerate from anyone behavior that put’s the vessel,the crew and our families at risk.Take it or leave it.no exceptions…….If it was easy,everybody would be here…………Welcome to my jungle………….
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