Thumper news

Visiting Paradise Fishing Lodge in ElSalvador.Old friends John and Louise Carey’s (Carey’s Diesel service,Lewis,Del.)fabulous home…Just installed new 21KW Gen set to replace the old 8KW which couldn’t keep up with the power demands since we have added freezers,watermaker,ice machines etc.This will make the extended trips to Hannibal Bank and Tropic Star Panama much less stressful…The 15KW will now be spare.Leaving end first week May for Golfito and will fish our way down…(Dave Nolt you in?)Intageddon is July 28,29 at the Slack….All of Inta’s friends are welcome….Let’s party
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Capt. Jose Wejebe

Old friend and fishing mentor from the early “Key West” days…Killed in a solo plane crash in the Everglades yesterday….Con Dios Spanish Fly……
Jose’s Tribute Page

Golfito CR bill fishing report March 2012

Marlin bite still slow…A few shots a day mostly on the deep banks,Hannibal Bank good in spots..Local sail fishing took off as the month progressed…Best bites were 20 plus off the beach to 35 miles out…Mostly to the East,Punta Blanco to Burica on the Panama border out….Suenos fleet running 50 plus for meager results.Thumper leaving Tues. for El Salvador for a month to try some new water.Papagalos should be turning on about now.NO FOOD FISH offshore.Tuna,Mahi very scarce even if you find the spinners.Inshore excellent.Beto has been on the Roosters (best day 5) and an assorted catch of groupers,Pargo and Black Snook on the “INTA”.Night bite at Fish Hook Marina dock THE social event for the traveling offshore fraternity… June was our best Marlin bite last year…Got some hardcores coming down for a shot….