An Open Letter to Peter Pakula

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Open letter on behalf of Marlin fishermen..

Dear Peter…
As you are aware, afflicted Marlin anglers pay me big money to assist them in realizing their dream of a SLAM..My ability to achieve their ambitions is disrupted if I have to spend 2/3 hours battling giant yellowfins…Please consider putting your considerable engineering and design expertise to coming up with an effective Tuna repellent technology (TRT) for your awesome Marlin lures.
Thumper Bluewater Expeditions
Golfito, Costa Rica

Peter Pakula’s Response:

Hi Harry, I’m sorry you and your crew had to go through this and hope they aren’t permanently traumatised.
I spent years trying to do as you asked as I agree catching giant yellowfin is such a waste of time and energy.
In the early 1990’s I thought I cracked it to the extent we put a full page add in a magazine about a lure we made called ‘The Animal’ which we had trolled through many schools of Tuna and pulled out great Blue Marlin.
The add appeared on the left page and on the right was a report that the Animal had recently got a record yellowfin. I was shattered. We discontinued the Animal, updating it to the Warlord which sadly also caught giant yellowfin so we updated it to the Warlord Jet, which is also a fail in that regard.
Fear not Harry, the quest continues.
I apologise for the inconvenience and hope that Bill will offer you a warranty replacement and send the lure back to me for further studies..

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