Spring Pacific Sailfish Special

Pacific Sailfish in Costa Rica

Spring Pacific Sailfish Special
FLY or Conventional 20 lbs stand-ups

January and February 2020

2-day overnight trip: $5,500

3-day overnight trip – SUPER SAILFISH SPECIAL: $7,000

Overnight trips allow us the opportunity to explore a myriad of seamounts that exist exclusively off Golfito with our award-winning crew and Captain Tommy Lynsky. Our anglers enjoy a minimum of 12-hours per day on the grounds or double the hours actually billfishing as opposed to day trips. This value proposition is why serious anglers choose Thumper Bluewater Expeditions when they think of billfishing. NO BILLFISH – NO PAY!

Overnights are all-inclusive, including licenses, 3-hot meals/day, all drinks (including beer), bait and tackle, plus exciting night fishing under lights for monster sharks and swords.

For serious inquiries, email thumperbluewater@gmail.com.

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