Marlin Mayhem now off Golfito

In the last few weeks there have been 2 major tourneys in Pacific Costa Rica: the first leg of the Sueños and the Rockstar out of Quepos. Approximately 50 professional boats in each, fishing 3 days or 300 boat days. The reported Marlin catch was about 70 total or 1 fish per 4 boat days. If this was, for example, the Big Rock or one of the Gulf Coast tourneys that might seem like a lot of Marlin, but this is Costa Rica where daily double digit shots on Blue/Black Marlin is the norm. In fact, these results are the reality in the dry season (January, February, and March). The water begins to warm, which the Sails will abide, but the main body of Marlin seek cooler water. Understanding this historic reality, in conjunction with my Capt. Tommy Lynskey, last November we took a shot and deployed a deep offshore FAD on a remote seamount. This week, leaving Fishhook Marina here in Golfito at 5 pm, we cruised all night to arrive at this virgin locale at first light… The sonar showed massive schools of bait in the area and as we set out our bait rigs they were immediately covered with Bonito, rainbow runners and YFT, with flying fish scattering about. This alone does not guarantee the Marlin are present as our inshore FADs that produce April thru Dec. are also full of bait but only produce Sails with few Marlin bites… However, this time, after loading up on a day’s bait and setting out our standard bait and switch spread, within 15 minutes we had our first Blue Marlin crashing a short rigger teaser. Over the next 2 days we raised over 30 Marlin, fought 14, released 10 plus 9 Sails. We leave again tomorrow night with Josh Jorgensen and his BlacktipH team to return to the spot for 4 days to test the best of the new spinning rigs on the bite. Watch for the videos over the next few weeks. Also the story of our Marlin Hunt last October with Sam White, editor of Marlin magazine, will hit the newsstands with video links in the upcoming March Issue.

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Marlin bite report for Golfito — Jan.1 through Feb.10

January started off with the Black/Blue bite red hot on the deep seamounts and FAD’s. The water temps were around 79 to 80 with acres of Bonito and small yellowfins providing the forage. Both live bait and pulling plastics was productive.

January 1st : Melanie and her daughter Savannah had triples on 50 stand ups.

January 2nd : We had a slam with 5 Blues, a Black, and Striped. Went 16 for 24 over the two days.

January 5th : Captain Peace Marvel arrived and we were on the hunt for Swordfish.

Spent 14 days either mapping the bottom in search for Swordfish or fishing  Marlin. The water temps rose as the month progressed and the Marlin bites fell off.. Regardless, each day we hooked up Marlin.

February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd : We had our old friends JM and Stacey Powers back and were working hard for Marlin. The water temps. had risen to about 85 or 86. By now, the bait was beginning to become scarce. Regardless, we were able to release 2  500 lbs. class Blues.

February 8th, 9th, 10th : Off  again with some old clients. On the 8th, we caught a blue at the 60 on the troll, but no other bites. The 9th we worked  the 73 and 90 mile FAD’s with no bites, our first “skunk” of the new year. We ran overnight  102 miles to the Burica Volcano on the Panamanian border. Unfortunately the 86 degree water was there also and we only got one big sail release for our efforts. We got a call from Bobby M. who was on a good sail bite. This sent us 25/30 S. off Manapalo with the afternoon closing in. Setting up a OCMD white spread we had an action packed afternoon with nice Pacific sails to 150 lbs. constantly in the spread.

February 12th : By now, I was completely done.Time to head home to Pa. to be with my amazing wife who put’s up with my shit.  I’ll let the sails for the tourists now while waiting for the water temps to cool. Once spring rains come end March we will resume the hunt.

swordfish symposium…Golfito…Jan.10 thru jan.29


Capt. Peace Marvell  of Louisiana will be our guest Captain this month.Peace is the Gulf of Mexico recognized expert on Swordfish.We have a few spots open for anglers interested in learning how to Swordfish.Trips will be 3 day overnights to the deep offshore seamounts off Golfito.Of course we will get on some Marlin bites  while working the FAD’s.Cost is $1000 per day per angler..This includes stay on the yacht, food,license etc. like all Thumper Charters.Use our contact form and we will get back promptly.

Sept/Oct Golfito Fishing Report

Special Event:Marlin Fishing on the Fly…An offshore workshop with Rufus Wakeman

October 25 thru 29…….Contact us with interest…..BLACKS/BLUES/STRIPES

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Golfito Dec. fishing report

By the second week it got wild….Capt. Bobby McG. had a Black die on him that went 945 lbs..An unusual large # of Blacks was the chat on the dock.On the 17th a school of 140/160+lbs. yellowfin was located 21 off to our small fleet’s delight….Schools of smaller yellowfin were always available closer in under the spinner dolphins….Gaffer Mahi were very strong from 8 miles out all month…Sailfishing was spotty but when found double digit scores were common.The real deal was the very consistent Marlin (Blacks and Blues) bite that prevailed all month at the traditional locales.January is traditionally when we have the largest sails of the year as the spawn is on at the Burica grounds….Capt. Abraham Conception(see video this page) has set us up with his latest billfish fly’s…Come get some….