INTAGEDDON....Sat.July28/29 - Thumper Bluewater Expeditions


Hey friends….I have been amiss posting to the site…The SLACK is abuzz with activity getting ready for the party.Campsites will be available starting Thursday…Also Thursday nite we will be running a full test of all systems.Anyone who has the time,stop by.Starting Mon. evening we will be working every evening on final prep…If you want to help,you are welcome…Adult beverages and food will be available….

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5 responses to “INTAGEDDON….Sat.July28/29”

  1. Eric and Donna Probst says:

    I guess the way things are going to work out, Daonna and I will have to be of more help on the aftermath! I have a backhoe if you need to bury anything or anyone! Eric

  2. Harry says:

    yes…you can bring your own guns…range open noon to 2 only….Archery, open all afternoon

  3. Harry says:

    campers …bring rain gear,camp chairs and hula hoops…jelly shooters would make good dessert…..a flashlight would make sense so you don’t trip over bodies….David kegel has breakfast….Vegetarians can forage in the woods

  4. Donna probst says:

    Harry, sooo excited for Intageddon!! Eric and I are planning to stop over Thurs. afternoon. guess we’ll find out what we can bring then. can’t wait to see everyone!! Love ya, Donna and Eric

  5. Terre Hillery says:

    Hey Harry–THANK YOU!! What an EXCELLENT party–Tommy and I had a ball!!! XXOO Terre

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