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Record Blue One

Monday,Sept 17….44 miles offshore Nicaragua….Huge fish…Got out 600 before we caught up…fought up top and gave us a shot.Ronny (el curvo) Calvo with the’s soon come….Missed a smaller fish early…Also Melanie released a sail and had a couple of nice gaffers…

Tuesday….Off Carrillo CR to Suenos grounds….steady sails in the spread all day…no marlin raised…no meat….

Wednesday….Arrived Papa Bank half hour before first light…Seas very calm…Set marlin spread after breakfast and immediately found acres of Bonito in residence.Conditions perfect and marlin attacked the spread average of 1 an hour with a double…Nice class of 300/400 lbs. catchable fish on our standup gear..Melanie fought and released her first big Blue.We love Sept….3 days/700 mile trip/never saw another fishing rig.See archive Sept.2011 for last years action….

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2 responses to “Record Blue One”

  1. John Green says:

    Congrats to Melanie on her first Blue! That’s oustanding. Sounds like paradise, fishing by one’s self, catching fish, and having good company to enjoy it with!! Can’t wait to see the additional photos.

  2. Anne Dana says:

    Congrats! That is fantastic. Great trip!You guys will have some exciting stories to tell us when we return from our epic bike trip to Montana/Idaho in Oct.

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